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Nasser SaidUX / UI Designer

I've already worked as an art director, a product and an interface designer, a UX/UI designer in my 10-year journey in the advertising world. I'm a restless creator. That's why all my jobs have one thing in common: the pursuit of excellence in every little detail.

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The Brief

As a sponsor of Rock in Rio music festival, Coca-Cola Zero wanted to use the spirit of the festival to reach out to young people. But how to call this crowd attention when all they want to do is listen to their favorite bands?

The Idea

We changed the cans of Coke Zero into the latest musical media device. The best songs of the festival were recorded in the cans and then categorized into seven different genres. We developed an app that reads Soundware in the cans and then download the songs.

Worked in this project:

UI Designer - Nasser Said and Rodrigo Lima
AI - Marco Moreira
Copyright - Luis Felipe
CD - Guilherme

The new site of
The Agency of the year

The Brief

The idea was to feature the principles behind the philosophy created by David Ogilvy, a philosophy in which Ogilvy's office in São Paulo is largely mirrored, in the site as a whole. We developed a more responsive to the platforms used by people website.

Worked in this project:

UI/UX Designer - Nasser Said and Rodrigo Lima
AI - Marco Moreira
UX Director - Palbo Moura
Head Digital - Daniel Tartaro
General menegement - Wagner Moura